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BEASTER Launched Best in Taste Peanut Butter India

India’s No.1 Best in Taste and Quality Peanut Butter is a Hight Protein formula which also contains rich digestive fibers and other nutritions. Beaster peanut butter will be a great choice for your daily breakfast addition which will not only give greate taste along with countless health benifits. This peanut butter can fullfil your body protein requirement and day to day nutritional need.

Beaster Peanut Butter is available in multi flavor and in different packagings like 1Kg and 500Kg options.

Choose one of the above varity of Flavors and Feel the Taste beyond limits.

Beaster Peanut Butter is availbale in many flavors and come with rich nutritional ingredients.

तो अब BEASTER PEANUT BUTTER मे पाएं “स्वाद भी और सेहत भी”

HEALTH के लिए थोड़ा Peanut Butter खालों

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